Vanna Drive

Vanna Drive Campaigns are designed to get you maximum exposure for your recruitment drives. Whether it's for graduates, interns or to promote a hackathon, you can leverage our Vanna Boost technology to reach your target audience and get your message out.


Vanna Drive Campaign 可為僱主的招聘計劃爭取最大曝光,適用於推廣企業的招聘日、M.T Program 及實習計劃。企業可透過Vanna 精準的數據,將廣告投放在適合的觀眾上。

Vanna Drive

  • Vanna Drive Campaign: 


    • Beautifully created campaign ad that truly engages your candidates.
    • Reach est. 45,000 target candidates across Social and Search.
    • Customised targeting criteria, including by location, experience level and demographics.
    • Choose to send candidates directly to your careers site, or to
    • Custom landing page, hosted on
    • Vanna Boost duration:  7 - 30 days (upon request)
    • Vannalytics performance reports


    Vanna Drive Campaign 產品描述


    • 度身設計企業大型招聘的行銷計劃
    • 在各大社交媒體、搜尋引擎接觸 45,000 名潛在求職者
    • 自選目標觀眾群,包括地區、工作經驗及學歷等等
    • Vanna 可代為製作招聘廣告登陸頁面 (landing page),僱主亦可選擇指定登陸頁面
    • 持續時間: 7 - 30天 ( 按客戶需要)
    • 廣告表現數據報告(推廣期後發送)