About Us

When it comes to HR, there's almost always more work than people. Add evolving candidate behaviours and technologies to the mix and an already demanding job has become even more demanding.

James Lewis | Co-Founder at Vanna

When you team up with us, you get full suite of talent acquisition and recruitment marketing solutions, as well as actionable insights and advice. Our recruitment marketing technology is designed to save you precious time whilst generating stunning results. 

At Vanna, we're passionate about helping companies of all sizes unwind their reliance on stale, traditional jobs boards and expensive recruiters by opening up recruitment marketing as a far more effective hiring channel. And we believe it's equally important that candidates make informed decisions when managing their careers, which is why we strive to provide unique insights into great companies, and daily expert career advice.

Asia Focus

At Vanna Business, we're obsessed with using cutting edge technology to help businesses of all shapes and sizes reach their hiring and employer branding goals.

Whether you're located near one our offices or not, our recruitment marketing technology, coupled with vanna.com's global audience ensures tangible results.

We're not only disrupting the recruiting industry, we're helping businesses transform their cultures. 

As a hiring manager, I wanted to unwind our dependence on expensive recruiters and ineffective jobs boards but there weren't any viable alternatives out there. 

So I co-founded Vanna, a mix of former HR managers, technologists and digital marketing experts to build a platform that would transform how talent is engaged and hired.  

Today we're helping companies of all sizes throughout Asia to meet their hiring goals, but for me, the journey's just begun.

James Lewis | Co-Founder